Our Mission

Our mission and purpose at Embarcadero Media Foundation is to enhance the quality of life and democracy in the San Francisco Bay Area by reporting and publishing high quality local news and information, convening events and supporting programs that lead to a more informed, equitable, engaged and cohesive community.

We do this by:

  • Publishing professional and unbiased local news coverage through newspapers, community news websites, podcasts, videos and social media
  • Promoting civic engagement through sponsorship of public events and forums on important issues of community interest and that bring the community together for the common good
  • Initiating rigorous in-depth and investigative reporting on complex issues that have a direct impact on the community
  • Expanding news coverage of education, underserved communities, immigrants, health the environment and other areas where coverage is lacking or the effects inequitable
  • Providing professional training of current and aspiring journalists
  • Litigating, when other avenues have failed, to support and defend local news reporting and the public's right to access government records and meetings
  • Engaging in grantmaking in support of Bay Area nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations, primarily those serving the needs of children, families and the poor
  • Making college scholarship grants to students with a record of exceptional community service activities while attending high school